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DCG Pricing Consultants Services

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Business Meeting

We'll take care of your Cost Volume of your proposal, making sure it is compliant and priced right.

Know what the floor is.  How low will your competition go to win?  Can you match?  And should you?

Business Meeting
Math Homework

Know your enemy!  Who are they? What is their cost structure and capabilities?  What are their weaknesses and strengths?

Justify your costs.  You need to show how you arrived in detail at your pricing.  We'll give you the backup to justify your costs? You'll need this in an audit or sometimes as part of the proposal.

Analysing the Data

Rate Buildup

Build your labor rates from the ground up. We'll help you with salary surveys, indirects, compensation packages, and adjustments to overhead based on your proposal win.

Sometimes you just need a little accounting backup.  We can help.  Give us a call, we can handle problems big and small.  Whether its just a little bookkeeping or you need to transition to a new accounting system we can help (we can even help you get it DCAA compliant).

Market Analysis
Data on a Touch Pad

Indirect costs are costs that are not directly accountable to the proposal/project.  If the project is significant in size it can impact your indirect rates and your price.  It's important to know exactly where your floor is.

Need help with your audit.  We can help you get everything together that the government is asking for.  Give us a call we are here to help.

government office
Ad men reviewing contract

So you want to get a GSA schedule?  Not so fast!  Care must be taken in building your rates here you will have to live with the rates you submit and the labour categories you chose.  Talk to us, we'll advise you on how, when, and if you should get a GSA schedule, and if you do, we can help put it together for you.

Have a project with allot of subcontractors which each have sealed packages?  We can serve as a trusted 3rd party with NDA's for each sub to make make sure all of your subs are compliant with the RFP requirements, while maintaining the confidentiality of each.

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