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Rate Buildup

Show your work!

DCG Pricing is skilled in the development of bill rates by the application of indirect rates.  These indirect rates generally include Fringe, Overhead (OH) and General and Administrative (G&A) costs plus a fee. 

If your company has rates determined by the accounting system (Deltek, Quickbooks, etc.), then DCG can assist in the application of these rates in custom excel files to respond to the requirements of the Request for Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ).  

If your company does not have rates calculated, DCG is skilled in the development of these indirect rates through the use of financial data for historical rates, as well as forecasting for future rates.

For very complex and competitive proposals, DCG Pricing can also assist in the development of custom indirect rates for a given proposal based on detailed analysis of demographics of work force, benefits, and indirect rate pools.

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