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Audit Support

If you are prepared, this is no sweat.

DCG Pricing Consultants has helped many companies with pre-award audit support.  This includes preparing for DCAA Pre-Award audits as well as assisting with accounting manuals and process documentation.  DCG is familiar with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requirements concerning the proper Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) for tracking both direct and indirect costs.  The direct costs will be charged directly to a project, while the indirect costs will be charged to various cost pools, which will be the basis for the indirect rates such as Fringe, Overhead (OH) and General and Administrative (G&A).  Depending on the accounting setup, Subcontractor/Material Handling (SMH) can also be one of the cost pools.  

DCG Pricing can help align the accounting standards, DCAA requirements and overall proposal strategy to help determine the best method of accounting for costs, while also deriving the most competitive rates and avoiding some of the common pitfalls companies new to government contracting tend to make.  An example of a common pitfall is not having adequate training and documentation for the time sheets maintained by employees.  This may seem simple, but this one example can affect a multitude of cost areas, including direct and indirect costs.

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